Important information about Institutions registration

on the AXA Research Fund’s platform

The AXA Research Fund does not support applied research. As a consequence, institutions doing both fundamental and applied research are allowed to register if they submit fundamental projects only.

Please do take into consideration that clinical only oriented research is out of scope. Our understanding of clinical research is the following: a research project aiming at understanding the basic mechanisms of a disease and its impact of health is considered fundamental, however, if the research aims at designing drugs to treat this disease, it will be considered clinical.

We only support academic institutions. Types of institutions mentioned below are not eligible for funding :

  • Faculties or Department within Institutions (only the headquarters of the Institution will be considered);
  • Foundations and financing Organizations;
  • Hospitals;
  • NGOs;
  • Institutions doing Research & Development and performing research meant for commercial exploitation.

Before registration, please check if your institution is not already registered using the search engine below: